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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do?

Arlington TV produces programming about Arlington County programs, events, people and policies. Arlington TV provides live gavel-to-gavel coverage of County Board meetings and many other programs.

Can I watch Arlington TV if I am not a Comcast or Verizon Cable subscriber?

Yes. We are streamed live on the Web 24/7. In addition, many programs including the County Board meetings are available for download.

You can also watch selected programs on line. Check our schedule for links.

Does Arlington TV use Closed Captioning?

Arlington County uses a professional closed-captioning service to make County Board meetings more accessible for those who are hearing-impaired.

Why do I see misspellings?

During County Board meetings, closed captioners are listening to the meeting and transcribing it live. For commercial and entertainment programming, captioners have a script provided to them in advance.

The standard in the closed-captioning business is for the captioner to use phonetic spelling when the word is not immediately obvious. This is why you may see proper names and even common words spelled in funny or unusual ways.