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James Hunter Park

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“Community led consensus “ is the phrase that best describes the process of renovating James Hunter Park in Clarendon. The community had to decide what kind of park they wanted? Who should it benefit? Should it be for dogs? Should it be for people? The process was thorough, and the result, as you will find out, is pretty unique.

It’s an amazing park, it’s open from sunrise to 10pm every day, with the canine area closing at 9pm. The dog area will also close from 10am to noon on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for staff to clean and maintain it. To find out more about the James Hunter Park visit

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  1. Anne Bodine says:

    I live near this refurbished park, which looks lovely, but I think such investments should be focused instead on areas with lower incomes, especially targeting children’s and young adult activities, vice pets. How about planting more trees and putting in a water feature in Charles Drew park or adding some of these type of upscale landscape features there? The new water fountains on Columbia Pike near Penrose are a huge step in the right direction, but I’m not so sure about this park.

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