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Responsible Drinking: 7 Tips to Stay Safe

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Arlington has lots of fun places to spend the night out with friends. But be careful, among the crowded bars predators are prowling, looking for victims who’ve had “one too many”.
To make sure your good times stay good, here are some safety tips for partying in a safe, responsible way.

• Go out with friends and always arrive and leave together.
• NEVER leave your drink unattended.
• Don’t accept drinks from strangers.
• If you let someone buy you a drink, make sure you watch the drink being poured.
• WATCH OUT for your friends. Check on each other through the night.
• If you see a friend acting strangely or out of character, get them to a safe place immediately!
• And NEVER walk home or even to the metro, ALONE.

And remember: Never hesitate to call the police if you think you spot suspicious activity.  Call 911 for emergencies. And for non-emergencies, call 703-558-2222. For more safety tips, visit

**Special thanks to Fireworks Pizza in Courthouse Plaza for allowing us to film at their location. For more on Fireworks, check out their Food For Thought Episode.

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